How to create a zombie costume

Just imagine how you can scare a friend or enjoy a harmless prank with buddies by having your very own homemade zombie costume. Zombies are everywhere, figuratively that is, as they have started to gain popularity from movies, theme parks, video games, virtual role playing games and a whole lot more. Their appeal may come from the simple yet scary image that they project, bloodied and ashen-faced monsters, soiled or tattered clothes- you can just simply picture it any way you may conceive how horrible they might look. If you are on a tight budget and want to have fun for Halloween, then a zombie costume may be the best option for you.

Why turn into a zombie?

It fairly simple and one that could not cost you an arm and a leg, you may only need a few things for it and the rest would be the result of your creativity, innovativeness, and resourcefulness. Who doesn't have any unused clothing at home? Everyone, right. So bring those old and unused clothes back to life by using them as your zombie costume. You may also need some makeup or body paint to use for coloring parts of your exposed skin when donning your zombie costumes.

Season the clothes to make it look more authentic

with an old shirt, try to create some shortcuts at the bottom edges, along with the tips of the sleeves. Do the same with an old pair of pants or slacks. Try to pull out some fibers from the cut portions of the shirt and pants to make it look tattered and frazzled. You can also use a lighter to singe the edges of the fabrics to make it look more dilapidated and resemble textiles that have been buried deep under the ground for years. For the light-colored parts of your costume, try to take out some red and brown watercolor and try to mix it make the color appear like purplish red, you can use this to smear the light portions of the clothes and make it appear like dried-up blood on the clothes.

Prepare body paint and makeup

If you are going to dress as a zombie, you need to look like a zombie. Use white body paint and try to cover your exposed skin with it like your arms, hands, ankle, face, and feet. Make sure to use body paint materials that are made for the skin. To make the white paint look more authentic, try applying it on your skin using a brush or a small paint roller. You can also use a piece of foam to dab it onto your skin. Put some fading black rings around the eyes using a black eyeliner pencil or dab on some black body paint and lightly smear it across your eyelids.

Use props whenever possible

Your props do not necessarily have to be made of something that you are holding or carrying but try to incorporate some simple yet believable skin prosthetics to add to your authentic look. Put a small amount of glue on parts of your skin where you want it to appear, allow it to create a small puddle and let it dry for a few minutes. When it dries, try to color it with skin tone brown or pinkish acrylic and a dark red color to simulate blood. Slightly peel off a third of a portion of the dried glue from your skin to make it resemble torn and bloodied skin.