ten ways on how to make the perfect Spiderman costume

who does not love their friendly neighborhood Spiderman? Everyone except maybe the rest of the villain team and Daily Bugle publisher Jonah Jameson.

Why Spiderman?

Why not? Spiderman is bad news for villains, but for everyone else, the sprightly- sometimes even clumsy masked superhero is indeed one of the most-loved Marvel comic character people have come to love since he first graced the pages of comic books. Everyone would like to get into Spiderman shoes for fun and excitement and maybe whip up a costume to make them look like the amazing Spiderman.

Different Spiderman characters

Aside from the common red and blue Spiderman outfit, Marvel creators developed an evolution of several different Spiderman character over time, from the classic Spiderman Peter Parker to several other Spiderman characters that have been spread throughout the Marvel Universe.

Choose your Spiderman theme and character

You can never go wrong with the classic Spiderman of Peter Parker, but if you want to up the ante and make something different out of it, then you can try the different Spiderman icons of the Marvel Universe.

10 ways to make your Spiderman costume

1. If you want a more authentic and buddy-hugging Spiderman costume design, you can go for a body hugging ski suit, this would work well as the base for the costume, but of course, do set your expectations that you will be modifying the appearance of the suit with paint for the classic Spiderman complete with the web layout and logo.

2. If you have a tight budget you can also use some tight fitting clothing materials like leotards or skinny jeans and the upper costume could be made from long sleeved swim suits or swimming rash guards.

3. Draw the outlines for the details of the costume, have a photo or image ready of Spiderman in order to have a guide that you could copy from. You can use a pencil or colored pens to trace the outlines where you could apply paint or fabric dyes.

4. For the mask, you could try using an Ice skating cap, if you like to spend a little extra to get it done. You can also use a head bonnet made out of smooth material. A swim cap could also do and a couple of old sunglass lenses for the eyepieces.

5. For the suit, apply the first dominant color, this would make it more even appealing and lets you have a uniformly distributed color foundation. Once the base color has dried, apply the second coat layer based on the outline.

6. Trace the outlines made earlier with black ink or paint, this will make it more realistic and profound.

7. Also use gloves and color them the same way as you did with the shirt and head mask.

8. For the skinny jeans or leotards and spandex shirts, make sure the color combination matches both the upper and lower suit parts.

9. For exposed parts of the skin, you may use hypoallergenic body paint or makeup to make it consistent with the suit.

10. Finally, enjoy your Spiderman costume with matching web slingers that you can purchase online for that authentic feel.