How to make a sheep costume

Children always have fun with playing make- believe and many also would like to get into character by wearing costumes, more so during school plays where one of the most common characters are sheep. Buying a sheep costume for a school play or any other activity could cost you some extra bucks that could be worth saving, so why not try to make one?

The sheep is a popular character for children

Making a sheep costume is relatively easy and with not much materials to use and one of the biggest advantages is that it can help you save money in the process. There are many stories and rhymes that portray the roles of sheep and it is one of the most popular symbols of childhood.

Prepare your materials

What you need are the following;

Fluffy stuffing material this material resembles wool and is commonly used as stuffing for pillows and other upholstery products. This will be used for the wool of the sheep. Pajama overalls zip up pajama overalls are the best to use because it is cool and comfortable to wear, unlike coveralls made of canvass or denim that are not only heavy but can be difficult to move in when going down on all fours for the presentation. Thread and needle- use these to secure the wool to the overall material. You can also use a glue gun, however, melted glue could fall on the wall and clump small portions that would make it look ugly. Headband- use this to make the ears of the sheep and worn over your head to make it more secure and hold firmly and avoid falling off. Body paint white and black body paint to be used to paint exposed areas of the skin.

Cover with wool

Tread in some white thread onto your large sewing needles and set aside. Have a pin cushion handy so you know where you placed the needles when setting the wool. Prepare strips of fluffy material of the same amount approximately the size of the fist. Try to slowly pull it apart in sections until it fluffs up, but make sure not to pull it apart because what you need is the fluff so it would resemble wool. Do the same with all the rest of the fluff. Set the stretched wool over an area vertically and sew a line across them to secure to the coveralls, adjust the fluff to hide the thread. Do the same process with the rest of the overall until it gets fully covered with wool.

Apply your finishing touches

When you are done with the costumes, get the headband and get small clumps of fluff. This time use a glue gun to secure the fluffy material on top of the band to resemble ears. For the exposed areas of the skin, make use of the body paint to hide the color of the skin, use white body paint and use black to draw the highlights for the nose and hooves. Use this to ensure consistency in your costume design and would match your skin to make it look like the real thing.