How to make a Halloween costume

It that time of year once again when we pull out our colorful and crazy, as well as scary and horrific costumes to celebrate Halloween. This is also the time to let your creative juices flow and start to wow people with your amazing Halloween costumes to celebrate the occasion. You do have to be an award-winning costume designer to be able to create your overnight masterpieces or spend hundreds of dollars. As much as possible minimize expenses by recycling materials to use for the costume. All you need are some extra unused clothes. You may also take advantage of unused or torn clothing or old damaged curtains to create wonderful or elegant wardrobes for the occasion. There are no hard and fast rules for making your own Halloween costume so do not pressure yourself too much and just have fun.

Look for your desired character and design

before you go ahead and start, make sure that you have already chosen your costume design or character that you hope to portray. They’re going to be a little element of drama, especially when to go trick or treating. You can have a lot of options for your character costumes, you can be a witch, a superhero, a cartoon character, fairy and a whole lot more. With a number of options you can choose from, just make sure to not spend too much time on the design. Just make sure to have one with the image so you will have something to serve as a reference for your costume-making activity.

Choose your materials wisely

unless you are out to win prestigious movie awards, then do pressure yourself too much. Choose wisely, the less you spend, the better. There are a lot of materials to choose from, just make sure to not use heavy fabrics for wardrobe- type costumes as it can be hot and heavy. A heavy and cumbersome costume can be very uncomfortable, especially if you are wearing it for hours or when you go house to house for trick or treating. Use breathable fabrics as much as possible so that your skin does not get covered all throughout.

Use make up or body paint

you can use body paint on exposed skin like the arms, legs or neck. This can help you provide continuity on your costume designs that require Make sure the makeup and body paint are made up of hypo allergenic materials to prevent your skin from getting irritated or cause allergies. This can even take your costume -design expertise to the next level.

Emphasize by adding props to your Halloween costume

Use props that are appropriate for your costume. Having a scepter, a scythe or plastic skull can help enhance your costume better. It can also be a small fog- making a machine that you can use as the backdrop behind you or a broomstick, whatever your character, find props that are appropriate for the occasion. Also, make sure to bring along a small bag or a container that you can where people can put in their goodies or cash.