How to make a LEGO costume from scratch

The name LEGO still rings a bell for millions of children and adults who are young at heart. It brings them back to childhood memories playing these plastic building blocks for hours and hours. Indeed, LEGO is synonymous to playful bliss, where it transports them to child construction heaven. Today, with modern technologies and advanced innovations, LEGO is still a force to reckon with in the toy market, as newer versions are now equipped with advanced robotics add-ons and motorized or electronic parts that make these toys more interactive and continue to captivate millions all over the world.

if Can I make my own Lego costume?

Of course, you can and it can be fairly simple, because of the basic geometric shapes of LEGO toys, all you need are some common day to day materials that you can find at home. You will need the following items. Glue, cardboard box about the size of your upper torso, several sheets of yellow construction paper, plastic cups, scissors, adhesive tape, box cutter, fine-grain sandpaper, glue gun, unused 1-gallon , water container, red or blue acrylic paint or any circular container that will fit the head's circumference.

if Preparing the head

Cut the around the top of the water container along the area where it tapers upwards, then with a sand paper smooth out the cut edges. You will use the water container for the head, which will be wrapped with yellow construction paper. Set aside a plastic cup, which will be used as the connecting dowel at the top of the head. Wrap a sheet of paper around the container to cover. Use. Adhesive tape to secure the paper to the plastic surface. Draw two circles for the eyes and color it black, same with the mouth. Using a box cutter, bore holes for the eyes enough for you to see from the inside when you put it on. Cut a circle on the sheet of yellow paper to cover the top of the head. Secure the paper on top of the head and apply tape on the edges of the paper where the face and head meet for a seamless and smooth. Cover a plastic cup with yellow paper and secure it as a dowel at the top of the head with a glue gun to prevent it from falling.

if Making the body

Cut a hole at the bottom of the box just enough for the head to fit through. Also, cut holes on both sides enough for your arms to fit in. Paint the entire surface of the box using red or blue paint then let it dry.

Upper and lower extremities

For your arms and legs, make sure to wear yellow gloves and wear straight pants so that both legs will look straight. When putting on the costume, make sure to start with the body. Secure the box firmly and should be settled on your shoulders and with both arms already secured outside of the box. Wear the costume head and ask a friend to help you apply the finishing touches like putting everything in place so you can be ready to go out and have fun with your LEGO costume.