Costume is a special

style of clothing of an individual or group of persons that portray their class, socio-economic status, ethnicity and nationality. It is used by a wide range of people as a means of identification. In usual circumstances, costumes are used in various occasions and special events. Hence, distinctive costume designs are showcased by a lot of people. In history, the word costume comes from an Italian word which means fashion or custom.

Costumes are of different

kinds. They even vary depending on purpose. However, costumes are basically utilized to represent one’s belongingness in a certain community. For instance, costumes are very important as part of one’s culture. People from all over the world have their own distinctive types of costumes used in several events. There are national costumes which contribute to the artistic history of one’s nationality.

National costumes usually represent the nation’s cultural heritage; hence each country has their own unique styles of costumes. These are even manifestations of national pride. For historical reasons, national costumes are widely used in a monarchy. Royal families made up of King, Queens, princes and princesses usually wear national costumes to signify their essential roles as head of the state.

Like the national

costumes, some other costumes are not only limited to certain purpose. Numerous occasions like parades, processions, parties, festivals, theaters and many more provide opportunities for people to dress up with their diverse costumes. Like in theatrical plays, costumes are worn by characters who play a significant part in the stage performance. In general cases, wearing costumes can add up to the beauty of the play and the characters that they are portraying. In connection, theatrical costumes can also transport the audience to the historical period, geographical locations, time and weather of the stage play; thus it may bring so much entertainment to the viewers.

On the other hand

costumes are also used during festivals and parties. In celebrating festivals, people dress up to rejoice and give thanks by dancing and playing music. During these occasions, costumes are very much appreciated by a lot of people because these symbolizes one's individuality. Aside from this, costumes are also showed off during parties especially birthdays and themed-based events like Halloween. At these times, costumes come in diverse designs depending on the nature of the party.

Kids would like wearing colorful costumes of their favorite anime characters during birthday celebrations. Some of the popular costumes that children usually use are Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Fairy and many more. Because of this, we can really say that costumes provide extra happiness during extraordinary happenings.

Through the years

costumes are beautifully designed for a myriad of purposes. There are some costume makers around the world who intricately design costumes for certain occurrences. They must have the skills and expertise necessary in creating a wide array of costume designs. In history, costumes also differ from one another. There are costumes which are carefully embedded with beads and other embroideries and some just have plain styles. In connection, various fabrics are also utilized in making high quality costumes. Some use silk and other forms of clothing materials in producing costumes. But whatever textiles are consumed, costumes would always be part of our lives. We do not just dress up for nothing. We even buy a piece of clothing that complement our complexion and physical attributes. In this sense, costumes don't need to be knottily made for it to be called as “costume” because every dress we put on is a kind of costume. Whatever we wear even ordinary days form part of our costumes. We still follow the latest fashion trends, hence we are definitely using costumes every day.

Costumes are already

part of our lives. What we wear is even a reflection of our personalities. These are also the extension of our identity as an individual. Because of these, costumes are essential. May it be for festivals, theater plays, parties, ordinary days and many others, such occasions would not be complete without costumes. As a whole, our costumes as included in our daily undertakings define us as a unique and exceptional being.